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PositiviTEES-Tshirt printing aspect of the organization.  Will allow INSTILLettos participants to earn money while learning business and budgeting. -October 2015

ATLs Community  Outreach Event-October 31, 2015

Fa at YaYa-family days at YaYa for the families we service
November 2015

Holiday Giveaways-November and December 2015

On the Horizon for 2016............
to be announced soon

ATLs INSTILLettos Girls Summer Camp helped me to learn somethings I've never done or seen before.  Even though Ms. Annette called it a camp, we thought of it as an experience.  I can't wait until next year!!!
-Dee,  16     JULY 2011
The only thing I could afford to give my kids from Christmas was lights and water.  Thanks to ATLs Christmas giveaway my kids will enjoy their Christmas.  This was indeed a blessing for my family and I can't thank Ms Annette and this organization enough.  
-Johnson Family,   December 2010
The INSTILLettos Girls Program is being implemented at our school and the girls are indeed learning alot from it.  I am hearing all good things from the girls and am glad to have this program onboard.
-Ms. Jackson,   October 2011
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